For the best of Doo-Wop music, you can't go wrong by turning to the Larados. If this group's
   name sounds familiar, it should. The original Larados got their start at Edsel Ford High School,
in Dearborn, Michigan. It wasn't unusual to hear The Larados practicing in the hallways,
staircase or bathroom, because they were always looking for that echo.
They were active from 1955-1960 and had
"Bad, Bad Guitar Man" and "Now The Parting Begins" as hits.
In 1978 The Larados merged with The Reflections,
to form the Mid-West's best Vocal Harmony group.
 The Reflections produce a high energy, good-time dance and stage show!
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The Larados circa 1955 

Don  Bernie  Tommy  Ronnie  Bob                                   Ronnie   Tommy   Bob   Bernie   Don
The Larados circa 1957.
Photos courtesy of Don Davenport

The Larados first record-circa 1957.
Highly sought after by collectors.

The Larados 2 Record Set on Madog label-circa 1980
Out of print and highly sought after by collectors.

Bernie     Gary    Tony    John    Tommy
The Reflections induction into The Michigan Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.
Photo courtesy  of Don Davenport

Former Larados
Thanks for the memories:
Tommy Hust   Bernie Turnbull
Rick Benko     Bob Broderick
Don Davenport    Ron Morris

The Reflections in early 1964.
This line-up recorded the multi-million seller
"(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet".
Ray Steinberg, original member, left the group in late '64 to persue a business career.

Phil & Dan
John & Tony

The Reflections were all from Detroit's western suburbs.
After one release on the Kay-Ko label, they  signed with Golden World Records,
where they recorded top hits  like"(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet", "Poor Man's Son",
"Shabby Little Hut" and "Like Columbus Did".
They all  ranked in the Top 30 in Billboard and Cashbox magazines.
"(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet" skyrocketed to No. 5 on the pop charts,
and the #1 spot on the  Rhythm and Blues charts in 1964,
with sales peaking at just over 4 million.

To the many requests we get for the tricky lyrics in
"Just Like Romeo and Juliet"
here they are-
....'talk about Love and Romance
just wait 'til I get myself straight
I'm gonna put Romeos' fame
right smack dab out of date...

Words & Music by Hamilton and Gorman

   The Reflections have appeared on many network TV shows,
including Dick Clark's American Bandstand, Shindig, Shivery, Shaboom, Hulabaloo,
and toured nationwide with Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars.
   They also appeared in Paramount Pictures release of "Winter A Go-Go".
John      Phil
The Reflections publicity photo from Paramount Pictures  "Winter A Go-Go"

The Reflections were inducted  into
"The Michigan Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame"in 1991,
and are members of
"The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame" in Cleveland,Ohio.

In 1978 The Larados merged with The Reflections
to form the Mid-West's best Vocal Harmony group.
The Reflections produce a  high energy, good-time dance and stage show!
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